Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT)

Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) is an antibacterial and antifungal agent; it is used to treat seborrhoeic dermatitis of the scalp and other skin conditions such as eczema, athlete's foot, and vitiligo, as well as psoriasis. used in. rinse-off hair products (hair to be added); Zinc pyrithione is a coordination complex of zinc. It has fungistatic (that is, it inhibits the division of fungal cells) and bacteriostatic (inhibits bacterial cell division) properties and is used in the treatment of seborrhoeic dermatitis.

Zinc Pyrithione (ZPT) is currently regulated as a preservative in rinse-off products(Excluding oral hygiene products) in a concentration up to 0.5% in general and up to 1.0% In hair products (Annex VI/1, 8). Furthermore Zinc Pyrithione is also allowed in a Concentration up to 0.1% in leave-on hair products It is used at the concentration of 1.0% to 2.0% in rinse-off antidandruff hair care products.

Zinc Pyrithione is also used as a biocide in biocidal product categories

CAS No.  Chemical Structure Molecular Formula Physical Appearance
13463-41-7 zinc-pyrethone_clip  C10H8N2O2S2Zn Milky white Suspension
pH Molecular Weight Strength Packing
6.5 to 8.5 317.7 24 to 26% aqueous Suspension 100 Kg HDPE carboys